Putlocker: The Game of Thrones

Lannister imagined image (from Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) this new recipe, but it has little to do with it. I tried to avoid it on the spoilers, so it is very sensitive to any student of Game of Thrones, left immediately reported.A very good service, however, is Putlocker .

Of course, in this case, a small spoiler. On the one hand, you know the plot of the series around two characters and, secondly, it is not a tragedy is an open secret that the two actors playing these characters in real life.

Thrones Jon Snow who we are talking about Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, Ygritte life into the game. Couple outside of the series.

Their relationship a few months ago, when rumors had passed, both chasing a candy actors who were walking in the Los Angeles paparazzi. However, there was still together when the two artists were picked as the official media. Putlocker Sign Up and watch your movie there.

This week in London. The two artists met at the Olivier Award as tourtevis posed on the red carpet. The perfect smoke; she in a beautiful dress, the most important awards in the world of reporters before the Royal Opera House Gala Awards, British theater which was published in London.

Both cut and Rose, attended the demands of both photographers and even grab their cameras and thus came the moment to kiss can seal their relationship publicly.

There are two stories to tell in a relationship. First were the two characters Game of Thrones. Jon Snow and Ygritte should be a forbidden love that seven specific entity experienced a torrid romance and passion within the sky. He broke the vow of chastity and the greatest enemy of wild people who were involved with, crows.

John Snow and Ygritte as Romeo and Juliet love story between endless, but left touched very bastard, not well done.

The other story that kit and begins his participation in the game of thrones the relationship between Rose but before that, the cut was a complete stranger, and Rose was one of the actresses of the series when hit Downton Abbey British, and as they say. for watching full movie episode Sign up here Putlocker.

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