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Editorial Staff Profiles
Anand Subramaniam
Anand Subramaniam has been fascinated by the game of cricket right since his childhood and over the years his passion to follow the game has only grown. Having acquired a degree in Mass Media and specialisation in journalism, he has been in the media industry for over six years now. Having spent two years in print media and close to four years in broadcast, Anand now looks to add value to the web team of BCCI. Apart from cricket, he takes keen interest in tennis. His major hobbies lie in photography and traveling.
Prajakta Pawar
Prajakta Pawar’s passion for sports saw her give up a career in Social Work and take up sports journalism. She joined BCCI immediately after completing her journalism course and has been diligently following and writing about Cricket ever since. She has also been keenly tracking the domestic circuit and women’s cricket for the past couple of years.
Rajneesh Gupta
Rajneesh Gupta is one of the most outstanding Cricket statisticians of modern time, with his unique style of presenting Cricket facts and figures. His mastery across various media platforms – electronic, print, LIVE TV production – is mindboggling. Ever since he joined the editorial team, Rajneesh has played an important part in the site’s popularity with his in-depth analysis and superior research. His role requires him to keep a tab on each and every development in all formats of the game; but he has no qualms in admitting that it is the shortest version of Cricket that fascinates him the most.
Arun Gopalakrishnan
Arun Gopalakrishnan was bitten by the Cricket bug during his formative years when he spent almost every weekend playing tennis ball Cricket. That passion and hunger only increased as he grew up, and he took to playing league cricket in Bangalore. When realization dawned on him that he was going nowhere where playing was concerned, he took to other avenues within the ambit of the game. He is sort of an all-rounder where Cricket is concerned; apart from being a freelance journalist, he is also a statistician, a State Panel Umpire in Bangalore, an International Panel Scorer and a keen analyst of the game. Unlike many in his age-group – early 30s – he is a Test cricket romantic and prefers prolonged contests between bat and ball. Put briefly, cricket is life for him – everything else comes next.